All kinds of flour1 Sunflower, palm and fat oils3 Cheese4 All kinds of butter5



Jablanica MP Ltd. Company has been founded in 1991 and is located in Belgrade, Serbia (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 636/A). The primary business activity of our company is wholesale trade, retail trade, and export and import of food products. We are a privately held company specialized in the supply (food products and the equipment) of bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants.

Wide range of products, quality services, competitive prices, delivery, and a variety of payment options are just some of the benefits offered by our company.

Experienced management, staff courtesy and fair business contributed to our customers and suppliers to do business with us for many years.

Our business motto is: Always with you. Our mission is to provide a wide range of products, quality services and low prices in order to satisfy our customers.